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Gunslinger AMP

Control broadleaf weeds and amplify pasture performance with this broad-spectrum, extended-residual herbicide

Gunslinger AMP

Alligare’s Gunslinger AMP is an unrestricted, high-quality formulation that increases grass production by diminishing competing vegetation.

  • Long-lasting residual control that is excellent on nightshades, nettles, knapweeds, and thistles

  • Increases grass production by releasing valuable water, nutrients, and light taken by undesirable weeds

  • For use with pre- and post-emergent treatments and can be impregnated on dry fertilizer

  • Tank mix friendly formulation may be used alone or in combination with other herbicides to broaden target weeds and/or reduce herbicide resistance


Though not classified as a hazardous substance or mixture and the product has no grazing restrictions as such, applicators and end-users should know that waste produced from animals consuming grasses or hay treated with aminopyralid may retain enough active ingredients to harm sensitive broadleaf plants.  Applicators and end-users should carefully follow product labels regarding warnings or restrictions for manure or hay use.

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