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Triclopyr 4

A Herbicide for Control of Woody Plants, Annuals and Perennial Broadleaf Weeds in Forests, Grass Pastures, Rangeland, CRP acres, Rights-of-Way, and in Non-Crop Areas and Ornamental Turf, Industrial Sites and Non-Irrigation Ditch Banks.

Triclopyr 4

Triclopyr 4 controls tough vegetation with year-round flexible application options. Triclopyr 4 has a wide variety of applicators, including forestry, range and pastures, rights-of-way, and on non-irrigation ditch banks.

  • Ester formulation

  • Selective control – little or no impact on grasses

  • Ideal for pasture restoration

  • Permissible to treat seasonably dry wetlands

  • Tank mix compatible (as directed on label)

  • High and low application rates, including aerial

  • Easily absorbed through leaves and roots

  • Foliar and Basal treatments

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