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Peafowl Fertilizers is the exclusive brand manufactured by Piedmont Fertilizer and sold in stores throughout East Alabama and West Georgia.


See our Dealer Page for the closest location to you. For bulk fertilizer & spreading services check out our services.

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In order to provide you with the greatest value in East Central Alabama, all bags weigh 50 lbs unless otherwise indicated. 

0-0-60 Potash

21-0-0 Am Sulfate

Turf Special 25-4-8

Az Camellia 16-8-8

Pecan 16-8-8+ZN



Cal Nitrate

Pellet Lime 50#

Lime 50#

Hydrated Lime 50#

Boron - #-$0.80


Zinc - #-$1.50

20-20-20 25#

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