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Faithway Feed

Allstock Pellets

All stock feed the wise choice! 14% All Stock Pellet is a complete feed for cattle on pasture or maintenance of horses and finishing goats. Feed along with ample good quality forage.

Fingerling Fish Feed

Pride N’ Pleasure 36% Protein Fingerling Catfish Feed is nutritionally complete formula which supplies all the protein, energy, fat, vitamins, and minerals required by catfish. A high protein formula with balanced amino acid profile to optimize feed conversion and growth in fingerlings. This feed is highly digestible and sized for immediate acceptance by fingerling fish. Floating formulation allows ready evaluation of fish health and fingerling feeding rate.

Floating Catfish Feed

Pride & Pleasure 32% Floating Catfish is designed to be feed as a fingerling/finisher food to maximize efficient production of healthy catfish and other farm pond fish. Fortified with vitamins to ensure fish are receiving a balance of nutrients to support rapid and efficient growth.

Laying Pellets

A boosted egg producer to aid top quality hens overall health and quality production. These ingredients are designed to produce eggs in abundance and energy to burn!

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