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Seminole Equalizer

Ideal for any age in any sport

Seminole Equalizer™ is a concentrated form of the essential amino acids Lysine, Threonine and Methionine, along with vitamins and minerals to support the performance of the elite equine athlete. Fed alone or added to the horse’s current diet, Seminole Equalizer™ is ideal for any age, in any sport, and helps to maximize health and performance by supporting muscle development and promoting faster recovery.• Highly digestible protein ensures the bioavailability of amino acids• Balanced amino acid profile supports optimal muscle development and repair, especially over the top line• Added antioxidants protect against free radical damage• Vitamin and chelated trace mineral fortification acts as a nutritional boost to the horse’s total ration, aiding in bone and hoof health• Fortified with yeast culture which provides pre-and probiotic properties to improve fiber digestibility and support gut health• Grain-free formula ensures low starch and sugar levels, making Seminole Equalizer™ an excellent option for horses who are sensitive to soluble carbohydrate levels in the diet• Low feeding rate makes Equalizer an economical way to enhance your horse’s nutrition


Seminole Equalizer
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