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WMS TriticOat

WMS TriticOat



The highest growth weight tonnage from planting through January and two times the tonnage of most other cereal grains. WMS TriticOat consists of Forage Triticale and Black Oats. The triticale and black oats boast high sucrose levels and unrivaled palatability even when blade lengths reach 8 to 10 inches. Best of all these varieties will not freeze out and will not become unproductive late in the deer season, like other cereal grain varieties. WMS TriticOat will establish quickly to provide early grazing and recovers fast. Ideal for small plots and areas with high deer densities! WMS TriticOat can be planted alone, but also does great with companion crops like clovers, brassicas, and winter peas.

Food Plot Planting directions

Plantings Dates: September to Early November

Seed Rate: 100 lbs. per acre

Planting Depth: ½ to 1 inch

Fertilizer: Apply 300 lbs. 13-13-13 fertilizer per acre at planting. Additional application of nitrogen fertilizers like 30-0-0 fertilizer will boost production through the growing season.

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